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Wide Body GOSM $128.88

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GOSM wide body for $128.88 + $19.99 shipping. Does this sound like a good deal? I have the next size smaller and am wanting the larger one to use, and then part my other one out to use when I build my smokehouse in the spring. YEAH! LOL They wont ship to store on this item since it comes from Chinam, I already tried.

This sound like the best deal around? Heck I paid like $50 more for the next size smaller at Menards Lumberyard OUCH. Guess I anwsered my own question huh.

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ballagh-If you're going to order you one, order one from Home Depot. The ones from Home Depot has the three vents and 4 racks.
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Re: Wide Body GOSM $128.88

I believe Dutch may be talking about the Big Block GOSM. If he is, then I totally agree with him. offers it for $189 with free shipping. The Big Block is 24" wide insuring you have room to lay your briskets and ribs flat on the cooking grates. The Wide Body GOSM is 20" wide. You will also get 4 cooking grates instead of three as the $128 Wide Body GOSM has.
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Currently not available! =( from home depot.
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does not ship til Feb 10th from amazon. WTH?
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But wouldn't ya rather have the bigger GOSM??
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that is what I am looking for. Is it the same as the deluxe 3605BGD? or is it a different one?
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Re: Wide Body GOSM $128.88

what oilogger said........

dutch has wise cliche about size of most tools...

""when you figure out what size you can use--get the next size up"""

the 20 inch wide seems like it would work great for me--
i think most ribs and briskets would lay in rack ok..

but i only have me and my honey to please..
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Re: Wide Body GOSM $128.88

ballagh, The Big block and the deluxe are the same

This photo of the deluxe doesn't show the side vents but the discription say it has three.

Can ya what till warms up a bit and they start stocking them again?
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That is like asking if I can wait to smoke again? LOL I think I may have found one. If not I will wait. I want to get the bigger one to use in the off seasons, and use my smaller one to part out for the smoke house that is in the planning stage. I am going to try to use it for a secondary heat source, in there. Thanks for the info Dutch!
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