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2nd batch pics

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ok here are the pics ....i have a 36"ssvertical gas smoker......enjoy 8)
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2nd batch pics continued

there done !!!! yummy....... :D
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Everything looks great!

Here is a link to a post SoFlaQuer recently made about posting pics to the forum. It will help you re-size your photos and host them offsite so that we will be able to keep sharing our photos. The image re-sizer linked from Dutch's post is a great tool and very easy to use.

Re-Sizing and Posting Photos
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Re: 2nd batch pics

Good pictures. Yes a little large but better that than postage stamp size pictures.

Pretty decent camera as well, Kodak DX7590.
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Kueh, you are aware you can click on the "postage stamp sized" pictures and it will open a normal sized photo with a quality pic in another window?
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Re: 2nd batch pics

Nice looking ribs, I had the same problem when I started posting pics .. they were way too large. But you do get a nice close view .. Too late for me to start ribs after looking at yours I'm now hungry.. Thanks for the pics

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Kueh, Nice pics even if they are large. Looks like you have a handle on producing the "Thin Blue".

BTW- I merged the two threads so now they won't get separated
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Yes, but more often than not, the resulting picture is exactly the same small size or marginally larger. If you use your browser's resize function, it will reduce large pictures to fill your window. Blowing up a tiny photo doesn't work.

Sorry Dutch, not my smoke.
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Looks good kueh!
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Wow very nice, nothing like a smoker that looks larger than life
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