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If you use mustard you should try making it fresh it's so much better than store bought. Yellow mustard is best to wait over night.

You can make a really great Dijon style mustard in just about a month, or eat it fresh just over night.

Dijon with a bit of fresh mayo makes a great sandwich.
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Re: Newbie trying a Brisket

Yellow Mustard goes on all my Briskets and Pork that get a rub. As Jeff P. and Cajun stated, it acts as a "binding agent" for the rub. It also assists in the breakdown of the meat.

Injecting with AJ is a personal preference that I've had great success with.

So, how'd it turn out?

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Jody -

Just my two cents ... I've done the bare meat on the grate and like it best fat cap down, but I hate fat!

I also did it in the pan and it also seemed to taste best fat cap down. Also seems juicier in the pan.

Note: I use a ECB with charcol and wood chunks. I have no experiance with anything else. I also like the water pan becuase it helps fight this blasted cold spell and keep temerature up a bit.
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Yellow Mustard

I've been just rubbing the beasties with powdered mustard before rubbing then just let them sit an hour or so and rub. Works for me!
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Great stuff in this thread! I'm smoking my first brisket right now, and reading many threads so I don't forget anything! If I am successful, it is mostly thanks to all you that share your experiences on this forum. HATS OFF TO YOU!!! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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