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2nd batch

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hey guy`s
1st I wanna say thank you to everyone for all the input i got from my 1st posting !! On sunday i did a batch of spare ribs with jeff`s rub recipie......yummy !!! I cut out the red pepper...not too found of hot !! I fired up my smoker early it took 2-hrs just to get up 200*..i used hot water cause it was so cold outside brrrrrrrrr.....I put beer & ginger ale in the water just holding @200*....i used apple wood junks ...nice melow smoke flavor ...i did the 3-2-1- method when i got to the wraping with foil my smoker finnaly got up to 230.....i spritzed with apple cider.....then the last hr took out of foil and spritzed with apple cider .... these are the best i ever had .....finnaly .....i took some pics i will d/l and post later in week ..... untill then thank`s to all keep on smoking....
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Glad to hear things turned out ok for ya...
What kind of smoker do you have? Is it an electric one?
Trying to figure out how it took two hours to get up to 200*...are your thermometers accurate?
BTW.. Welcome to the forum..
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Re: 2nd batch

Hi Charlie, sounds great. I tried my first ribs two weeks ago using Jeff's Naked Rib Rub and it was great. I did not do the 3-2-1 but am planning on that next. I smoked mine for 7 hours at 230-240 degrees on my BGE. I just calibrated the thermometer yesterday and found out I was reading high by at least 30 degrees! Anyway, took a little longer than I anticipated but still awesome. I will look forward to your pics.

Good smokin,
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Good for you Charlie. Looking forward to the pics.
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Glad to hear you had a good smoke Charlie! Be sure and get us them pics.
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