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Hi everybody

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Hi guys and gals

My name is Sean and I'm from southern ontario. Since childhood I was always raised to think that the grill was god. Last weekend I got my first taste of smoked meat (smoked veal steaks to be specific) and OH MY GOD!

I just ordered my first smoker, a Vermont Castings "Great outdoors smoker" which should be arriving next week. It looks like a nice cheap propane smoker that will hopefully suit my lack of smoking knowledge, giving me something easy to learn on and hone my skills.

I'm looking forward to smoking my first piece of meat, and getting some great tips and recipes from this great site.
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Welcome Sean -

I'm fairly new to the site myself but I can say these are the best folks I've every chatted with and so willing to help out and share their knowledge and experiances. Don't hesitate to ask questions they probably know the answers!

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Re: Hi everybody

Welcome, Sean…you should find plenty of friends here to help you achieve your goal, lots of knowhow, free of charge, enjoy, you’re gonna like what ya cook! Trouble is when you go to restaurants from now on, you’ll have a whole new set of standards… LOL! :roll:
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Re: Hi everybody

Welcome to SMF.
You just had something smoked? You poor guy. We're here to save you from your miserable existence.
What a great piece of meat to have for your first though.
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Re: Hi everybody

Welcome Sean! Up in Smoke is right though.. Your tastes will change once you start to make your own smoked stuff :). Good luck and everyone is right on when they suggest Jeff's 5-day smoking meat e-course. Enjoy your smoke! Daun
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Re: Hi everybody

Welcome to SMF smokingcottager Sean. Great place and tons of info for you to dig through. You're going to enjoy that smoker, don't forget to season the smoker before your maiden smoke voyage. Looking forward to your posts.

Keep Smokin
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Welcome...Lots of great friendly people here...ready to help..all ya have to do is ask...just remember ...there is no dumb question...Enjoy your new toy when it get there...Again. Welcome..

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Welcome to SMF smokingcottager!!!
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Welcome to SMF, Sean. As you have seen from the responses to your post, the folks here are ready to my you feel at home. If you haven't already taken a chance to look through these great pages, do so-You'll be making you a list of great just that you want to try. Your next big dilemma could be what to smoke first.

Again, welcome to SMF and Enjoy!!
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Re: Hi everybody

hello hello ,
welcome --show your flag if you like,

is that a stainless steel vermont castings smoker???
how wide is it????

i looked at them --and they were not chear--

let the good times and thin blue smoke roll :!: :!: :!: 8)
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Re: Hi everybody

Thanks for the warm welcome,
Larry I just got home to find the box in my kitchen, it's not the chrome model, it's black (I actually prefer the look of the black) and it's 16 inches wide. For the price it looks like a great smoker. I went to bass pro shops and the prices were out of this world. I'm going to pick up some chips tomorrow and experiment with a few different flavors and meats.
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