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Re: SATB slaw?

Pig butt, Pig butt everywhere, and not a drop to smoke? :? :roll: :roll:

The recipe rocks as is, but let me know how it does w/ smoked clux.

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Re: SATB slaw?

Just have a net ready in case the pigs have wings-don't want them to take off with the goods ( or try to rescue them ) :lol: ! Daun
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Re: SATB slaw?

DickeyDoobbq -

What is fish sauce? Is it like a ketsup thing or tartar sauce thing? Or maybe chinese?

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Re: SATB slaw?

Fish sauce is an Asian condiment. It's light brown and watery. As I understand it's made by soaking dried anchovies to extract their concentrated flavors. If I'm not mistaken, it's then fermented. It's used almost universally throughout Asia. I know it sounds yucky, but if you try the recipe, I think you'll like it.

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It actually sounds good. I don't like to eat anchovies by themselves but I love Caesar dressing and that's loaded with anchovies.

I will have to try this. Thanks!
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