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My Wood Burner

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I was asked to show a couple of pics and share a few details on the General
One one side i have a fire box combo oven thats 30x30 5' tall attached is a 30"x6' barrel with a 6" swievel stack. I had the barrel rolled from a sheet of 3/16 metal. Have installed heat shield and tunning plates from box to barrel. All cooking grates are made with 1/2"x1/2" tubing and 1/2" round rod. The fire box has 1/2 metal bottom the rest is 3/16". Have 2 propane side burners and a utility box. The other side has a wood box a refrigerated beer cooler. stainless steel sink and use a beer keg for water tank. Also have an upright smoker with side fire box both are made with 1/4" metal. Fire box is 2'x2' and upright is 30"x30"x36" tall. Have a 3" swievel stack on it. All the doors were bent with 3/4" lips to help seal in the smoke. The small handles are welding hammers with the heads cut off and bent to keep doors shut. The big handles are handicaped rails they dont get hot like steel handles. The door on the small fire box is off of a 1939 boiler and it has a small sliding vent. And of course cant forget the big rooster weather vain. Trimmed out all the doors with light gauge stainless steel just for looks. And the trailor I made with 3"x3"x3/16 tubing. Its a lot of work but well worth it the wife didnt see for 6 months said she was a smoker widow lol.
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Re: My Wood Burner

A work of art!!!!!

If I had something that nice sitting in my yard I'd have it chained up too. :)
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Nice... Really Nice....
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That is a real masterpiece Marvin! I like the name too. ;)
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i get to see it in person soon. eat your hearts out!
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Re: My Wood Burner

That is one sweet ride.
I'm starting to think I need to post a pic of my mutt for my avatar.
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Thanks guys the compliments mean a lot makes me feel great. Ultramag your the one who named it but I bet ya already knew that lol. Gunslinger post that avatar lets show off these stick burners.
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Re: My Wood Burner

I was actually referring to my ugly Boston terrier. I'm starting to feel a bit inadequate with all these pets as avatars.
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Sorry about that gunslinger im like randy thought that was the name of your rig. Boy do I feel like a cotton headed ninny muggins.
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See It?, I'm thinking cook on it....or maybe even make love to it :oops:

I've seen alot of smokers, from tailgaters to semi sized party rigs. Yours is by far the sweetest looking rig I've ever seen. Are you going to haul it up to the SMF get together in Mo. this summer?

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tim, marvin is bringing to my house and we are going to smoke together. our wives will be in the kitchen, making sides or what-not. we will probably smoke a whole pig on his, and i don't know what on mine. maybe a brisket? marvin, any ideas?
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Re: My Wood Burner


That's the purdiest cooker of any kind I've ever seen! A real beauty!

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Re: My Wood Burner

here is me smoking a brisket yesterday. my wife just had to take a picture, so she got me while i was tending to the fire.
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Well dickey im glad you liked it I have a lot of time invested in building it. Believe it or not as far as money wise Ive got $ 2000.00 out of pocket, called in a lot of favors and have a very good friend that owns a custom metal shop, if not for him I wouldnt have been able to build this.

Chris we can do a whole pig if you want to but lets get one around 40lbs the one I did before was a little to much.
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sounds good to me, marvin. there is a store here that has shoulder roasts for $1.99/lb right now. i bought two today, and put in the freezer. might get two more tomorrow (limit of 2 per person).
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Ok I started to name my smoker General Lee and put the flag on it. But Id probably be put in jail for it so when Ultramag called it hot rod thats what it is. But I still think general lee would have been cool.
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Yeah I don't think Mr. Bush would like that.
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Some of you folks have rigs to big to even fit my backyard! And here I dreaming of a buying Chargriller Pro or a Kingkooker vertical to fit on my 8 x 10 porch. LOL
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Re: My Wood Burner

I will continue to consider you a gentleman of the south! Suh! I salute you for your endeavor! wink.gif
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Re: My Wood Burner

:lol: Chris,
We know you're a handsome fella and all, but I think we really wanted to see the smoker, perhaps more than we wanted to see you. :lol:

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