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Wine in sausage

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I've been looking at a lot of recipes for sausage and have noticed many call for a red wine, and a few white wine or beer. I have never added any of them.

Do you use wine in your sausage making?
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Re: Wine in sausage

I use a lot of wine in cooking and I have used apple cider in sausage…whatever works! wink.gif
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Re: Wine in sausage

Whatever works is correct.
Try reducing your red or white wine or apple cidar.
Just cook it down till you have what you need. For example.. try reducing a cup of the liquid of your choice down to about a half of a cup or a quarter of a cup and the flavour will be intensified.
I made 140 lbs of sausage the other day (2 days acually)and one recipe I used called for apple cider reduced to 1/2 a cup.
Boy that really brought out the apple flavour.
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Thanks Gremlin and Up in Smoke. Reducing it sounds like a great idea.
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MoHnr -

In some recipes you my not even notice the difference in others it just doesn't taste the same. I always use red wine in my pepperoni and sometimes in my Italian sausage. I think it makes a difference but I was raised eatting it that way.

I just mix the spices in it then pour it over all the meat.

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A little wine in the sausage, wine with sausage what ever works
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Re: Wine in sausage

Do you inject the sausage with wine or apple cider?
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Jody -

I mix all my spices in the wine and then slowly pour it over the meat and mix.
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