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Re: New Toy for Christmas is it for real?

I usually don't have a problem handing out my recipes or ones I use with great results.....but my jerky one....well it's possible that it could go commercial one day, so I think at this point I'll take the colonel sanders routine on it :lol: I still need to get some new toy's for the grinder and see if I can take my jerky to a faster production method....but I'm afraid the results will be identical to what I get from the jerky shooter which I just don't like the thickness it produces......
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So you are saying we may be buying Everett Smoked brand Jerky one day? I see. I shall keep my eye open. But then you'll let us know first won't you?

Word of mouth is the best form of advertizing!

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you never know.....everyone who has tried it has always asked when I'm going to start selling it.....but then there comes the whole hassle of dealing with the fda and maybe a pipe dream, but the stuff is damn good....... :)
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I'll admit that I have had some "knock their socks off" recipes that I have kept secret-mostly recipes that I use in my Dutch oven competitions. When I'm required to submit the recipes of what I cooking, for judging and/or publication, they never get the exact recipe that I'm actually using. I've been known to change amounts or even ingredients. Sneaky and a bit underhanded? Maybe just a little!! :twisted: So I know where Smoked is coming from on this one.
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Re: New Toy for Christmas is it for real?

Maybe you can sell the recipe? How about ebay or something?

I guess there are good reasons to keep recipes secret. Competition is a really good one!

I had an Aunt tha made to die for peanutbutter fudge - she always mesed up the recipe when she gave it out and unfortunately she passed on and the secret is still a secret. Dang sometimes I dream about that fudge and I don't like sweets! Love peanutbutter though.
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Re: New Toy for Christmas is it for real?

Hey Debbie,
look`s like you`r on the way to jerky land`ve been eyeing up a jerky shooter that cabela`s sells ?? go to scroll down to the cooking section they got a lot of cool thing`s question to all is that can u use the shooter and make the jerkey in the smoker and how would i go about doing so......
ps ...good luck debbie........charlie
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Charlie -

Looks like a cool site. I've seen it mentioned twice this week. Must be a good place to shop.

I haven't tried the Jerky SHooter yet. Been busy smoking bigger things! LOL

I was thinking the Jerky Shooter might be good for other things like:

Stuffing Mannacotti
Stuffing Shells
Stuffing Canolis
Maybe making ribbon candy?
Making Lady fingers
Filling Donuts
Filling Eclares ....

I wonder if it has more than one stuffing tube?
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Cabelas is one of my favorite sites in fact I even have their credit card and can earn points when my wife shops. I think it is her way of making sure that I am ok with her shopping
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Re: New Toy for Christmas is it for real?

Hey Cheech,
i got there cc also ... love to earn those points.. :D

i know you can order x-tra tubes ...
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Gee Charlie we might be turning this thing from a Jerky Shooter to an all purpose super shooter!

I still haven't opened the darned box yet! I am so bad! Busy doing Big Meat and typing messages!
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Re: New Toy for Christmas is it for real?

it also depends on jerky shooter, some do have different tips and all from snack stick to double snack stick and double jerky types....I still think they make them way too damn thick.....but maybe thats my opinion......guess I'll still keep with the roller pin that is how my jerky is best anyway.....ummmmmmmmmm maybe I'm an old fart or something..... :twisted:
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Smoked -

The roller pin method sounds like a good idea. You can roll a big ole oile out and cut it into thin strips. Does it stick to the counter?

I might play with that Jerky Shooter today way to windy and cold to smoke. My roof keeps blowin away! May have to run to Home depot and get some 2x4's and build a frame.
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Re: New Toy for Christmas is it for real?

I actually have a small form that I roll it into using plastic wrap to keep it from sticking.....however yea you could roll out a big sheet in the same method and use a pizza cutter to cut strips.......
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Jerky Shooter

Well I finally tried it yesterday. I actually works. I made 12 pounds of jerky with the Hickory flavor pack and cure that came with it. It's supposed to be for 10 lbs.

I cooked up the first batch and it seemed a bit to salty for me so I added a few more pounds of meat to the remaining mixture, a cup more water and some Cajun spice and it was much better.

I kind of miss tearing the hunks off but I think it makes good jerky.
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WOW that sounds great debi,, i finnaly put a order in @ hi-mountain for jerky receipe, cutting board,knife & screens ....just gotta wait now ....mmmmmmm
more toys !!! ok take care ...charlie :-)
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I just did mine in the oven.

I have a bread proof setting that goes down to 150o - three hours later it's done! Filled all three rack almost to touching and still took two cooking sessions. Just about a lbs left maybe I'll throw it in with my capocollo from the last hour.
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