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Hooked on Smokin

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New to this game, have some experaince, thanks to the great MSMITH, he has given me the joy of cooking.. a smoker.. no not his. I wish . If you have not seen it look him up. he is on the forum.
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Welcome Coming Soon to the SMF. Think we've been expecting you. You may want to sign up for Tulsa Jeff's free e-course. Has alot of great info for beginners and experienced alike. We also have a live-time chat on the forum, that you can ask questions and get answers immediately. We hope to see you on the forum with msmith.
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Welcome to SMF Coming Soon!!! Will Marvin at least let you use that awesome homebuilt rig? Glad you decided to join us. Enjoy the forums and post often.
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Re: Hooked on Smokin

Coming Soon - we've been waiting on you. Marvin said you were here. Welcome to SMF. Looking forward to seeing your posts. If you have any questions stop by, we're here to help.

Keep Smokin
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Welcome it is kind of an addictive hobby, hey now it is your turn to tune someone else in to this hobby.

Glad you finally made it here
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Guys meet my son in law john he got the smokin fever and theres no stopping him now. Could have been from the crowd he hangs with LOL. Now maybe all Ill have to do is show up when vittles are ready. He is a pretty good fellow and I told him he couldnt find any better folks to converse with than all you good people.

And yes I have let him play with the big boy.
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Your a good guy Marvin, I should have known you'd let him test out the hot rod. :lol:
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Welcome aboard John - Great bunch of folks here!

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Re: Hooked on Smokin

Wellcome John!

Unlike other Addictions..............We're here to ENABLE you! No Smoking Meat Annonymous here! :lol:

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Re: Hooked on Smokin

enable me enable me!

Gotta say this is only the second hobby I've found that I don't get crap from the other half for spending money on supplies.

The other is brewing beer .... hmmmm I wonder why?


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Sounds like you did it in the right order,

First beer then smoked meat (this way if it does not turn out go back to step one and they will be happy) If there is enought beer and the stomach is full you can pretty much pick up any hobby you want next
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Gee I hadn't thought of it that way Cheech! Good idea...

Oh Honey ......

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Marvin, John must be an alright guy!! At least you didn't introduce him as "the thick-skulled skunk' that married my daughter.

John, glad to have you with us!!. Them questions that Marvin can't answer, just bounce them our way and will asnwer 'em the best we can!!
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All right john where ya at lets here from you
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Uh oh Marvin did we scare him away?
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Well he is slow if ya know what I mean
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Re: Hooked on Smokin

LOL Now that sounds like a comment I'd expect from the father of the bride!

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Hooked on Smokin

Thanks for all the good tips and greetings to the forum, i tried smokin a brisket and cabbage last weekend. I wish I could tell you how it tasted but i started smokin at 3:00am and drinking at 11:00am needless to say by 6:00pm i was 20 sheets in the wind. So I got lesson number 1. moderate your drinking while smokin. overall i spent alot of time on it but it did not turn out the way i wanted to. ( so back to the smokin board.)
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Re: Hooked on Smokin

Well Rome wasn't built in a day and a bit of a buzz once in awhile is good for the soul! Just don't make a habit of it.

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Re: Hooked on Smokin

I'm Back
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