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What's the coldest day

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you have ran your propane GOSM? It is like 14 and snowing here today, and I have some skinnies, ABT's and a 4 pound eye or round I would love to smoke today.

Think I will be ok?
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Re: What the coldest day

go for it ballagh, use a wind block if you need to.
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It will be fine ballagh. You will use a little more propane, but wind seems to bother the GOSM much more than cold.
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Re: What's the coldest day

And were off!

I started the smoker and took of to get another LP tank. Had it on high when I left and came back 15 minutes later and the chips were on fire and the temp was 400 degrees. WOW SO I threw the chips out and strted with fresh ones. and loaded her up.

Dutches Baked Beans w/Corn for color and I love Corn being in Iowa! LOL

Bacon wrapped Skinnies

1/2 way cooked bacon ABT's with sausage from a fatty and colbyjack cheese.

Boneless Eye of Round to be sliced tommorrow.

I usually dont like the different meats on top of each other but did not have much choice. We will see how it turns out.
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Looks great. What would happen if you put the skinnies above the roast & let the bacon & sausage fats drip over it to add more flavor on the way down. That is only if the skinnies could handle being on the upper rack. Or would that really mess up the cooking process of both the roast & the skinnies? (Still learning)
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It is best to go Beef, Pork, Chicken from top to bottom Just Learning. Personally, I never let chicken drip in or on aything such as beans either. Bacon drippings would taste good I bet, just not the best from food safety standpoint since the are around the pork.

Looks like good food with a good layout in the smoker ballagh. Surely we can expect some finished pics right? :lol:
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Re: What's the coldest day

Looking real good ballagh. Keep the pics coming
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Nice job, looks like a lot of work but I bet it was worth it
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Re: What's the coldest day

THe ABT's got a little done, as in wrinkled. The skinnies were a little done also. But the roast turned out awesome! I will post some sliced pics later. I was painting last night so Kind of neglected the smoker at times. Roast took about 6 hours to get up to temp. Damn cold weather. But the smoker did a lot better that what I though in 14 degree weather and snow. LOL
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