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hunting pics

Heres a hog that a friend of a friend shot 2 years ago.

Heres one of me and my dad hunting quail in 1980, I was 7 yrs old. The gun was bigger than I was.

Heres one of me cleaning the quail we shot.

Heres one of me and my wife, her very first time hunting. Thats as close as I could get her to come to that deer

Heres the most recent pic, taken last year. Me and my dad with my 6 pointer. Huge deer, I got ripped off on the horns. Small horns that year.
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great pics. now thats a hawg....
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I gotta organize my pics on here from the days of old. Here is a pic of a year old moose I got in my driveway early spring so come fall if he dont stray to far away during the rut I'll have some hunting pictures with him in it. icon_biggrin.gif The bear to might come in handy as I am getting into the sausage game and figure its part of the pig family so why not bag him to.
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P.S. I cant forget the venison.
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Here's a pic from a favorite hunt. This guy came in to my evening rattling and at 30 yards I was able to make a great "pass thru" shot. He never knew I was there.
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for all you men who hunt...

Lisa icon_lol.gif
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I like the title of that one!!
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still working on taking him out!!!!!

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I just recently picked up my 2005 buck from the taxidermist (8 point typical). It is nothing spectacular, but it is the first buck that I have had mounted.
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Well deer hunt starts on the base tomorrow. Got to thin them out ever year so they don't starve. Some how the pick a number and once it's met they end the hunt. Bows only and hunter are selected by lottery. Not much sport to it they eat peoples lunches all year so they don't always run when the hunters come, but the meats still good.
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My .300 Win Mag is sighted in and I have lots of bullets!!!
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Here's a few pic's

My youngest son and myself after a morning hunt

My boy again with his first buck

One of me

Last one
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looks like the makings of some fine sausage you got there great pics
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Rodger -

I just love the grin on your face holding that buck! That's a keeper!
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One thing about it,you had plenty of pig to smoke in 2006! That's four good sized pigs in 6 days. You must have lots of Feral hogs on you property. That's one thing I haven't killed so far is a wild Feral Hog. My new hunting club I got into this year has plenty so I'll post some pictures when I get them.
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