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I've done the same thing a couple times with whole 10lb striped bass in the salt dome (as the recipe called it). It takes a load of salt to cover a 30" fish, but it's pretty good. You can get every piece of meat off the fish by just lifting it from the bones. Make sure to leave a small hole for the temp probe before it bakes into a concrete-like shell. A small hammer is definitely needed to crack it open once done.
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There is some stuff called parchment paper, I think, that is used in cooking many dishes. Basicly a steam tent type deal and I would guess that it doesn't have a brown bag taste.

Done eggs in a bag, orange skin, onion half and boiled in a paper cup

I have done fish gutted and packed in mud before. Again a Boy Scout survival/utensilless cooking craft. I have heard about doing small birds like this too, but never tried.

Tarzan steaks are where you blow the ash off a good bed of coals and lay the meat right on top. I don't reccomend it, but have tried it before.

One of my favorites was halving an onion stem to root, carfully seperating the layers two at a time, packing the onoin with ground beef and cooking on the coals. I have also done like mini meat loafs on the smoker like this but might have been just as good on the grill.
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I've used parchment paper in a few recipes. Best was fresh flounder topped with tomatoes and calamata olives. Pull the sides up and roll to seal but leaving room to tent. It creates steam from it's own juices and came out awesome.
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That's the way the ancient Egptians did it too. Kind of makes like a clay pot.

Hmmmm ancient Little Green Egg?

Nothing says you can't put the chicken in a pan THEN it the bag ....
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Brown Bag

That s recycle paper, I woudnt cook my food in it. You can buy paper cooking bags.
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