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New member - just saying Hello

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Hi all,
Just wanted to say hello. I am actually still in the market for my first smoker, trying to decide between a Char-griller with Firebox and a Great Outdoors Smokey Mountain.

Kind of confusing, but since me and my family love good Q and the 2 places in town have disappeared, I have decided to make my own :D

Any advice is always welcomed.

Been lurking on the site a couple of days, so I figured why not introduce myself.

Happy New Year to all.


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Re: New member - just saying Hello

Welcome to SMF. I started with an ECB and had pretty good success. Now I have a home-built unit that could fit 4 ECB's in it. So I can't really help you decide.
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Re: New member - just saying Hello

Welcome Chris. Great to have ya. Read about the two types of smokers you're considering, think about your patience level, willingness to modify a smoker to optimal performance, mechanical ability to make the mods and the amount of space you have to work (relax) in.

Wood burners usually have better flavor, but require the patience to learn the smoker and to tend the fire to maintain the temps.

Gassers, with practice, can get very good flavor results and need less tending to maintain temps. But you will at some point run out of fuel while smoking, so a second (full) bottle is a must. Don't take me wrong, you still have to watch your temps with gassers - just not quite as close

I'm not trying to sway you either way. Personally I usually have other things going on while smoking, so I opted for the gasser.

Just food for thought. You will get many different opinions - this is mine

Again welcome to the forum
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Welcome to SMF Chris.
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Re: New member - just saying Hello

Welcome Chris, glad you're here. Weigh your options, PigCicles gives great food for thought. I love my wood smoker, just feels right for smokin' to me. That's just me, I love tendin' to the fire, stokin' the wood chunks, drinkin' a cold one, gettin' covered in smoke... Enough already, welcome!! Let us know which way you decide, good luck and enjoy!
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Welcome to SMF Chris!!!
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Re: New member - just saying Hello

Hi Chris, Welcome to SMF, You came to the right place. Grab a beer and a chair and don't be basful to share the pics.

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Re: New member - just saying Hello

Hi guys,
Thanks for the advice. I just got back from shopping, didn't buy anything yet, but I believe tomorrow will be the day :).

I did see a smoker brand -- Smoke Hollow -- in Gander mountain. It seemed flimsy and noticed it had only one vent. It was a gas vertical smoker. Anyone know anything about them?

Can't wait to get this hobby rolling.

Thanks again for all the nice wishes. Will let you know what I wind up with. If I know me I will have both by the end of the summer :)


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Welcome to SMF, Chris. If you're going with a gas smoker and you can afford it, go with a widebody GOSM. If you have a Home Depot in your area your can order one from them and have delivered to your house. This time of year they won't have much in the way of grill or smokers unless you live in the South.
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Re: New member - just saying Hello

Thanks Dutch,
I did do some shopping last night and saw the one Wal*mart near me did have a couple GOSM units hidden in their garden dept. Not sure what model they were, I think they were the 34" model.

Still torn between the Char-griller and the GOSM.

Thanks for the advice.

Looking forward to some good Q (hopefully soon) :)


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Hi Chris,
nice to meet u, i live in central nj, i`m a newbie`s real cool to see somebody else close by(well 2-hrs n. of me) lol...i got a gas 36" ss vertical from cabelas ...broke her in last week end.. price was great on sale and delivered to my front door!!! i love it already gonna fire her up again this week end if it dosen`t rain ??? this place & the guy`s are great, full of info....enjoy.
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Welcome chris clad you joined in. Check out Tulsa Jeffs 5 day e-course it has a lot of good info. Me myself im a wood burner smoker. So pull up a seat and jump right in.
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Welcome hey just buy them both most of us have more than one smoker and this way you just get to try both

Make sure to give us your opinions
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