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Storing Jerkey

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Am making jerky today and wondering what is the best method to store it. Thought it would be a great traveling companion when I work in Dutch's part of the country, or where ever I end up at. Approximate time say 2 weeks? By then I should have a new batch made.
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In my belly. :lol: I always keep it in ziplock type bags, especially for a short storage time like that.
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Should, what I'm saving, be kept in the fridge? Also ultramag, I've had my el cheapo wally world GOSM down to 139*. Of course it's 28* outside. Don't think this will happen when spring rolls around. Got pics to post soon.
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If it's dried well enough you won't need to refridgerate, but it won't hurt it either. One thing to watch is not to take it in and out of warm and cold environment much if you have a big bag that will last a while. It can and will condense and therefore grow mold. I hauled a giant sack around hunting and was in and out of the truck in the cold, took it in and out of the house, and had this happen. It takes a while, just a heads up.

Thanks for the info on the temp, I just asked the question in your other jerky thread before I saw this. :oops:
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Re: Storing Jerkey

I always store mine in a large mouth quart Mason jar with holes poked in the lid.Jerkey needs to have good air circulation to keep it from molding.Usually it never last long enough around here for it to become an issue.
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Fortunate for me, I'm the only one in the house that eats it. Have 1 small bag in my van and have vacuum sealed the rest, in the fridge. Thanks for the heads up on the mold.
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Ditto on the vacuum sealing that has always worked great for me.

A friend just bought a sealer from Target for $40 and it works just fine
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