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Last brisket for 2006

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Tagged along to the grocery store with the wife yesterday and snagged a 12 pound packer for my final 2006 smoke :D . Took some pics of the process and thought I would share with everyone.

Here is the brisket still in the cry o vac bag,

After the rub,

I like to score the fat cap. It seems to be less greasy that way,

Laid a charcoal and hickory chunk "Minion method" fuel supply in the BSKD and also lit my pilot in the smoke chamber for later.

Lit a chimney of Royal Oak to start my fire with,

Mixed my mop,

Poured chimney of coals on top of coal bed.

Put brisket into smoker, plugged in the thermometer probe and shut door at 6 PM Saturday night.

Set my thermostat for 225* so heat would stay constant after fire burned out.

Temp was at 170* at 11 PM and I went to bed. When I got up at 5:30 temp was at 199* and I pulled it, foiled it and am letting it rest.

Thought a step by step photo show might help someone on their brisket smokes.

Hope everyone has a safe and happy new year. :D
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Re: Last brisket for 2006

Thanks for the great pictorial...feel like I have been a guest at your home :)
If only we could develop a way to share the aromas and tastes :roll:

That brisket looks fantastic!
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Cajunsmoker that looks fantastic can taste it now, what time should we be there to eat.
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That really looks fantastic....Thanks for the pics...
Hope you and yours have a Happy and Healthy New Year as well...
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Great step by step. This should be considered for a sticky!

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Re: Last brisket for 2006

C`est Magnifique! :shock:
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Re: Last brisket for 2006

Great post. If it doesn't help anyone else, it sure has helped me. My next smoke will be a brisket. Thank You very much for the step by step.
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Looks excellent as usual Rodger, thanks for sharing.
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Rodger, Great job on the pictorial-nice brisket, too!! Your post is now a sticky topic.
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Thanks for the pictorial. What did you use for a dry rub?
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Re: Last brisket for 2006

Hi Cheech, I used a commercial rub called Adams Brisket Rub. It was really a pretty bland rub. Seemed liked mostly Paprika.

Luckily I had a lot of good sauce. 8)
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That was great Rodger! Wish I'd have seen that when I did my first briskit - nothing like a a good illustration to ease a newbies mind. You can read tons of stuff but pictures they do it!

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Thanks for the post. It was really helpful to understand a few things for a beginner. It looks outstanding. Thanks again!
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Do you smoke your briskets fat side up or down? whats the preference?

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That is a touchy subject BRIAUD, if you want more bark smoke it fat cap down. Fat cap up is supposed to let the meat baste itself while it is smoking. I think either way will turn out great results if the proper temperatures are held during the smoke.
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Check this thread, it gives a good discussion of the subject.
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My only question is, "did you have any mop sauce left over"?????
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Great pics and info!! Nice post, helped me a ton.
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