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pork chops

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how long does it take to smoke brined one inch thick chops?
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Welcome to SMF ennismeatman
Since you asked the question here goes....too many variables to give an educated guess as to the time required....suggest you cook to the internal temperature you desire.....160* internal temp taken with a meat fork or temp probe might be about right
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Re: pork chops

Welcome to SMF. To answer your question would only be a guess. Smokers are all different. The best answer is the one already given.
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ennismeatman, Welcome to SMF. Here we cook to an internal temp rather that a prescribed time (like 20 minutes in a 240 degree smoker). The motto around here is "It's done when it's done".

How about telling us a bit more about yourself and what kind of smoker you use.

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Thanks to al of you. Im just an old guy who likes to cook & eat things cooked outside. Iv got a char broil wood smoker with up right oven & fire box on the side. I installed a electric burner in the fire box out of an old elec. smoker. It would only get to 100. deg. So i put a small propane burner in the oven side. It worked good until it used up all the oxigen.So ive got a bigger elec burner coming I think it will work Good.Ill let you no. O yea the pork chopes were like jerky. Ha Ha. but good.
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