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Smokin' Tex smokers

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Does anyone know anything about Smokin' Tex smokers? I was at Bass Pro yesterday and saw one. It looked to be pretty well made. It really reminded me of Cookshack's units but for alot less money. I just went online to Bass Pro, and I see thay have two models. One is 750 watts, the other is 1400 watts. Would 750 watts be enough?

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Re: Smokin' Tex smokers

if well insulated-- and you dont open ---
750 watts will do...
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I agree with Larry....but if it's not insulated I would stay away
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My neighbor has one and he loves it.

It sounded like the thing weighed a ton so I have to believe that there is something in there insulating the smoker a bit.

His is the 750 unit and he shares it with 3 of his friends. Sounds like he really likes his.
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