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Hello to all.I'm from Louisiana,and enjoy cooking on the grill.I do nearly all my grilling with choice woods.My oldest son bought a smoker from wal-mart last year.After using it a couple of times to cook with,well that's all it took to build a fire and desire to learn all I can about smoke cooking,and preparing meats the right way!When I found this site this morning I knew I had my best christmas present ever.I use an old stainless steel ww2 army gas cook stove which I use wood in to cook with,also have a cheap grill.I plan to get with my dad and build a small old fashioned smoke house.Anyway look forward to listening and learning from ya'll.Thanks for allowing me here.
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Welcome to SMF bubba!!! I look forward to seeing the smokehouse come together.
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Re: new to forum

Welcome to SMF. You've come to the right place to learn all you can.
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Re: new to forum

Welcome and please post pictures of your smokehouse because we may be interested in building one in the future and would welcome all info; both the dos and don'ts. Hope you enjoy your Christmas present wink.gif!
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You're very gracious but we are the lucky ones .... we're glad you are here. As a suggestion, you might want to explore the links at the top of this page ..... especially the eCourse. Tulsa Jeff has put together some really good information and I think you might find it to be useful. Also, the other links should be of interest to you as well as the threads in the SMF. Do I sound just a little gung ho? The reason is that this is the best smoking meat forum on the web and it has the very best members. Welcome aboard and we look forward to your posts.
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