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I just wanted to add that I made some of this tonight for some pulled pork we're serving tomorrow and it came out fantastic. I left out the red pepper because we're going to have a lot of little kids here, but the balance of sweet and acidic is really good and the pepper and creole seasoning give it some good flavor. I've read some people saying that they thought there was to much vinegar and I think if you know going in that this is a vinegar sauce and you're OK with that, it's got a great balance. 


EDIT: I added this to the wrong post. I was talking about the finishing sauce. Oh well, you can't win them all. 

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I made this sauce last weekend for my sister in-laws B-day party and it works so well with pulled pork that it is now on my "must have" list of sauces. 

I reduced it down a bit too thick since I was waiting for it to thicken to my preferred consistency instead of realizing it would thicken a bit more after it cools. 


Placing this sauce in a squeeze bottle makes it perfect for the table and fridge.


Thanks for the recipe!


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Yep, excellent stuff.  Due to dietary considerations of some of my "guests", I've substituted in Splenda where it calls for sugar.  Can't tell the difference.  Oh, don't let the company accidentally spill some on salad.  Makes a great dressing for salads as well.  Refrigerates quite well and gets better as it gets older.

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Flacker,that sounds like a winnericon14.gifI have just Today Smoked a big old fresh Butt(had you going for a secondwazzapp.gif

Thanks and,

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Is the white pepper necessary, or can you just use more black pepper?

Do you need to do the blending for smoothness or does this turn out okay if I don't have an immersion blender?

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Just started a batch with all black smells amazing!  I'll let you all know how it turns out!

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Tried this last night, but I think I might need to work on it a little.  Overall came out good, definitely tastes good, but after sitting in the fridge it was VERY thick, almost too much to pour.  It says to simmer at /least/ 30 min, what would you say the most should be?  I went about 35-40 min I think, because another commenter said not to skimp on the simmering..maybe too long?  Was normal thickness when it was finished, but definitely too thick after standing overnight.  I imagined this type of sauce would actually be a little thinner than the sweet style bbq sauces that you find in the stores, so maybe need to simmer it a little shorter on a lower temp?

Both the vinegar tang and the pepper taste were VERY strong too.  I'm a fan of spice so not too bad for me, but I can see my family thinking it was too peppery.  Could be from over-simmerying, or maybe I should try it with a little less pepper.

Anyone have any tips or comments.  Is that just how a carolina sauce is meant to be, or would it have been a little milder/thinner if I didn't simmer so long?

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OK, just made this today for a work event I'm co-hosting monday.


I'm glad to see it will work with splenda, as I think this may just be our new must-have condiment in the house.  I was quite concerned with the white pepper, and I use it alot in hot and sour soup, and know how strong it can be, but this came out SO good.


Thanks a ton!

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Mustard sauce is my favorite. I'm going to give this one  a try. Another S. Fl smoker in West Palm Beach.


Thanks for posting it.

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This has become a favorite at my house. I first served it with chicken breasts, then again with pulled pork. I set it next to a bottle of Sweet Baby Ray's which used to be the favorite, and nobody even cracked the seal. I now have the recipe memorized from having to give it out to everyone who tasted it.
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Will try this today too!

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This looks really good!  I think I am going to try making some tonight for my spareribs tomorrow.  :pot:

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Never was a fan of mustard until now.  Been using this as a dipping sauce but today used it as a glaze over ribs during the smoke.  Outstanding!!!!!!!!!!!

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Simmering a batch for the ribs I'm doing. Pretty tasty. Changed a few things. Used raw sugar instead of white sugar. Used Cholula instead of Tabasco. Also doubled the amount of hot sauce. Pretty tasty, even on tater chips!

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I have been using this recipe for years, it's fantastic. Thanks.
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I'm a huge fan of Jeff's (SoFlaQuer) finishing sauce--I ALWAYS have some in the fridge--so there's not a single doubt in my mind that I'll be whipping up a batch of this mustard sauce in the near future.


Thanks for reviving this old thread!!!!



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Made a batch of this yesterday - holy **** does this stuff rock!

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I am gonna make some of this for ribs this weekend. Sounds different and GREAT!

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This recipe is awesome I've used it a few times now
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