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Sounds like one heck of a rig ya got there. would like to see some pics. And welcome aboard.
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Re: building concession van

Welcome to the site!I am a newbie here also.Please post some pics of your rig.I am currently in the thought process of building a smoker and allways interested in others creations.
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mctrick, Welcome to SMF. Hope you'll be a regular contributor in our "Catering and Large Group Gathering" Forum.

Sounds like you have some solid ideas of what you what in your Concession Van. I too, would like to see some pictures. I really like to see "Work in Progress" type pics.

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Re: building concession van

I'm trying to add more pictures as I can learn to down size the files and move them to the site. thank you for your comments. There is a way I beat the loosing the heat out of the main cooker ,by useing a movers blanket over the top of oven after it gains cooking temp. I found them at U-Haul for about $25.00. It helps keep the temp up and uses less fuel. I burn about 2/3rds less propane. I think it would work on a wood or charcoal unit with a secdary cooking chamber. As long as ou don't go over 250o to 300o.
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mctrick, check out this LINK that was posted by Ranger72.
It's has a download that will allow you to re-size your photos for posting.

Also another tip, when we are making a reference to temperatures, we use the asterisk symbol * in place of the little degree circle. Instead of 100 degrees or 100o; it would be 100*.

Hope the link helps in getting your photos posted.
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thank you for the tip on pictures sizing and for the degree * .I posted some pictures.
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Hey mctrick, Glad the resizing tip work, however, I'm not seeing any photos.
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I just clicked my album and it showed my photos
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mct, I replied to the PM you sent me. Great photos!
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mct great pics. when do we eat. Hows the gator doing.
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Welcome to SMF mctrick!!! Great pics of the van, thanks for sharing them with us.
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Re: building concession van

I feel as if I were sitting in the chair of who wants to be a millionair and they asked what lifeline is you want to use? Ask the audience of course!!!
With this much nolage for BBQ in one place how can you loose? :D
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msmith thats nice trailer you have.
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I'm trying to reply to all responces as I look at your photos of your bbqers and coz I'd like to see pic of your bbq/smoker, chris the smoker you made is a nice unit. marvin the pig you smoked was unreal. Theres so many ideas its great!
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Thanks for the compliments mctrick. I built that smoker with help from friends. It took me 6 months to get it up and going. As far as the pig next time im going to try injecting with apple juice and spices and using a smaller pig.
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