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post oak

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my mom and step-dad live out in the country. they have 8.5 acres of land (2 acres is a stock tank (pond to you northern folks). she told me she has mesquite, post oak, and other trees. i have seen a huge mesquite tree out there. i don't really know one tree from another, by looks, except for a few. i have two big pecan trees here in my yard. she told me i can have all i wanted, just to let her know and she will cut me some and bring it to me.

my question is, has anyone ever used post oak?
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Not me, never heard of it
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Post Oak is an excellent wood for smoking. It's similar in flavor to the White Oak. Enjoy!
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Re: post oak

Agreed that Post Oak is a good wood. I usually mix Post Oak or Red Oak with my Pecan when I am smoking. It burns long, hot, and clean.
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