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New to Smoking

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any advice on making smoke while smoking in a Rocky Mountain smoker. Have used chips soaked in water, but the smoke doesn't last long.......any advice would be appreciated.
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Welcome to SMF J.W.!!!

I've not heard of a Rocky Mountain Smoker. Hopefully someone will be along shortly a little smarter than me.

What type of smoker is it? Charcoal, gas, electric? Offset, upright cabinet, or bullet type? How long does the smoke last? And last of all remember you don't want alot of white, fluffy, or billowy type of smoke. Thin and blue almost invisible smoke is what we strive for.
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Re: New to Smoking

The Smokey Mountain smoker is an upright, 36X24X16, gas. It is sold in S.C. by Basspro Shop. It heats up fast and maintains a good temperature.

The advice on thin smoke is good, I was thinking more smoke the better.
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Re: New to Smoking

J.W more smoke isn't better unless you like rawhide. Start out slowly do a smoke with a little wood and work your way up to a flavor you like.

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Is it a Great Outdoors Smokey Mountain series smoker?

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