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Yup, we didn't hit it too hard. I even froze a few packages since it will be a couple months before I can do it again I think. Just can't even want store bought bacon now after that treat. 8)

We also made ham and beans (bacon) with the left over nubs, scraps, and ends. All I can say is if you haven't already I highly suggest it. Had a pan of Lady J's sweet corn bread. Mmmm, Mmmm. No wonder I'm a little thick. :shock:
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Re: Buckboard Bacon

I'll have to try those beans & bacon. Sounds great. I'm gonna have to make more real soon.
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thanks for the info, and the link. i registered with the site. i am going to have to try this. i like bacon, just not all that fat on store bought bacon. you have to fry it really crispy for me to eat it. i don't eat fat, excepet the ground up stuff in sausage.
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would they have it at the bass pro shop or Cabela's.That looks sooooo good! exclent job and pic's.
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mctrick, I know my local Cabela's carries Hi Mountain jerky and suasage mixes but I haven't seen the Buckboard bacon cure there.
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That's the one in Lehi/Thanksgiving Point?
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Re: Buckboard Bacon

hello hello mctrick,

a box cures 25 lbs of butt.

i got my box for $3.99 +shipping at

i dont know how much shipping was for just the cure--
i ordered several items..
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