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Buckboard Bacon

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I thought I might as well post some pics as I was makin' the bacon. wink.gif

Here are the butts (15.34 lbs. boned from Costco) and the cure:

Here is part of the batch with the cure applied ready to head to the fridge:

Now to wait out the cure time. Mine is gonna be curing 14 days due to work schedule. See you in two weeks. 8)
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Looks good so far...Good luck with it

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Oh boy, oh boy.....guess who finally gets to smoke bacon this weekend. ;)
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Alright..... 2 week wait finally pasted. Get them in the smoker and give us your thoughts on the Buckboard. Know my family sure enjoys it.
Happy Smokin'
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Re: Buckboard Bacon

Here it is right out of the fridge before soaking in water:

Here they are soaked, rinsed, and patted dry coming to room temp:

And here is a close up of one:

Gonna be a fun smoke. It is windy out there. Oh well, if it was calm and 70 anybody could do it. wink.gif
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Doing turkey & pork butt today. Started out..temp was 17* this morning. 32* now. Your Buckboard looks good.
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Re: Buckboard Bacon

Loaded in the GOSM, let the smoking begin:

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Looks yummy, great job
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Re: Buckboard Bacon

Here they are ready to slice:

Here is a close up of one:

I'm gonna slice them in the morning sometime. Been a long day and I'm done workin'. :lol: I'll post pics of the finished product tomorrow. I'm sure this bored some of you that already have done this, but I thought it might be neat for the others to see.
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I've done it, bored? No way... Enjoy seeing it. Bet it tastes as good as it looks.
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Re: Buckboard Bacon

Alright, here it is right before the plate overflowed and I lost control:

And this is the whole batch sliced up:

This is a close up of a few slices in front of the pile:

The boss is in the kitchen turning this into breakfast as I type. The smell is driving me up the wall. Can't wait!
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Re: Buckboard Bacon

Ultramag that is some fantastic looking meat! Good job, I bet it tastes as good as it looks. BTW... that Jack bottle in the background looks a little more empty in the second pic.. you didn't ummm, 'catch a cold' did ya? wink.gif I'll be right over for breakfast!

Keep Smokin
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Re: Buckboard Bacon

Mag, Thought I had a pile when I did my last batch. You are going to enjoy that bacon.
The "Jack" bottle must be for cooking purposes. Right ? OR, is there some in the bacon? :lol:
Enjoy Buddy Enjoy...... :D
On Edit: Noticed when I sliced mine thick, it had more of a ham taste. Sliced some thinner, tasted like bacon.
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Re: Buckboard Bacon

Awww come on guys, even this hillbilly would draw the line at bourbon/whiskey flavored bacon. (I think anyway wink.gif ) There isn't any in the bacon, I had a little cold last week and was making hot toddies. (sp) I keep the Jack and Jim for cooking and mixing drinks and I sip the good stuff.

Here is one more pic and then I'll quit. This is my plate for breakfast. I made a breakfast sandwich on an english muffin with bacon and scrambled eggs. I also had a couple extra slices on the side with the rest of the scrambled eggs. The bacon was great.

Cajun I also thought the thicker was similar to ham. I think next time I will slice more of it thinner. I saved my end pieces and some scraps for use in place of ham in ham and beans. I expect that will be an exceptional pot of beans.

I want to thank all the guys that did this before me for sharing. I didn't even know this existed and figured curing bacon was much harder, over my head, and that I really wasn't equipped to do it. This is some wonderful stuff, no more store bought bacon here. I can't wait to try Dutch's beans with this for the bacon. Thanks again.
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Re: Buckboard Bacon

Looks like you had the Greasy Arches Special... looks better than theirs though... I gotta take a go at the buckboard bacon myself. Thanks for the pics

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Re: Buckboard Bacon

Ultra..must say, "some mighty fine bacon there". For breakfast we had homemade sausage with biscuits and gravy. By the way, the bacon is great in Dutch's Wicked Beans. :lol:
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where can i find this "buckboard bacon cure?" i just got home from my local grocery store, and they had never heard of it. i was talking to the grocery manager, and he called someone in an office there, they never heard of it either. does wally world have it by chance? i want to make some as my wife loves bacon. if i can make some that is more meat than fat, i will even eat it.
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Re: Buckboard Bacon

Chris, Buckboard Bacon Cure is made by Hi Mountain Seasoning in Riverton, Wyoming. www.himtnjerky.co
I get mine from my local Western Sportsman Warehouse, but I have seen them at other stores. (usually in the meat section). My local Wally World does"t handle it, but others may.
Hope this helps.
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Re: Buckboard Bacon

Here ya go Chris: Hi-Mountain Buckboard Bacon Cure

If you like meaty bacon this is right up your alley. Enjoy!
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Still have any left ultramag?
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