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New Guy Here

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Well Im a new guy here. I live in TEXAS and just built me a Smokehouse.
I am using an old cast iron Wood stove for the fire box and I hope to smoke some sausage and other things.

This is a great site.

I do a lot of hunting and have a lot of wild hog and venison to try in my smoker. I am going to make some HOG&DEER sausage fairly soon and would like a Jalepeno sausage recipe to try.
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Re: New Guy Here

Welcome. I too am fairly new here and have recieved a great welcome. The folks here are really good with helping out if you have questions. I signed up for the 5 day course and even though I am only on the second day, I have learned. recommend it. Well gotta run for now. Good luck with the smoking
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Good food, Great people, What a great site....

Welcome to the best forum on the net, lots of ideas and information, Share some pics and successes...
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welcome. i am a newbie too. i am in waco. what part of tx you in? i just finished the 5-day course last weekend. it is an excellent read.
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Welcome to SMF tgk!!! Glad you decided to join up.
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tgk24w, welcome to SMF. Lots of great stuff here to read and learn from. We also love pictures. When you get a chance, post some pics of your smokehouse. We'd love to see your setup.

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