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My Turkeys

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Here's the required food porn. Smoked a 11.5 lb turkey and an 8 lb. breast. Brined the whole bird overnight. The breast was in a solution so I just smoked it. Brushed both with olive oil and smoked at 250 for about 4 hours. Then turned up to 350 to finish them off. Very deilicious.

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Excellent! That is an awesome color on that turkey hide.
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Drooling on laptop!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Re: My Turkeys

Looking good :?
My bird looked like yours only darker
I coated 3 times with EVOO during the smoke
What did you have, if anything, on the hide?
Our Bird was very good but the skin was a peal and throw kind of deal :)

The skin ended up paper thin also. Was that because of the EVOO?
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Re: My Turkeys

On the whole bird, nothing but EVOO. On the breast, I had a little rotisserie seasoning and some black pepper. I won't use the pepper again on a long smoke. It got too burnt. I usually use it doing them beer can style at higher temps and it's fine. I tried to crisp up the skin, but it was like leather. We peeled it off too. I think the turkeys cooked at a higher temp on a vertical stand turn out much better.
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Great looking birds, Wes. Didn't get a chance to smoke a turkey for Thanksgiving this year. We hosted the Family Dinner for the wifes side of the family so the wife said to just keep it traditional. The BIL noticed the smoker and asked about the possibities of maybe smoking a turkey for next year. Told him that if he's in town Dec. 3 he could stop by for a sample since the wife wants a smoked turkey dinner SOON! Doning the grandson's birthday dinner next Sunday and the boy wants steak and taters.
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Re: My Turkeys

Illini I don't know if it's common with the cheaper turkeys or not, but my Mom used a Best Choice turkey this year and I had never saw skin so thin on any poultry wild or domestic. It was cooked traditional in the oven. Just kinda curious as to what brand your bird was?
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I had a 12# butterball and the skin seemed normal before it was smoked. Cooked it to 170* internal both breast and Thigh. smoker temp 240* cook time four hrs. It looked overdone on the outside but after skinnin it the meat was superb. Guess that's all that counts but would not be a presentation piece at the table!
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Well, I guess that nips that thought in the bud. The 'ol Butterball is definately not cheap.
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Re: My Turkeys

Great looking bird... May I ask what you used for a brine? Plan on doing one for the upcoming holiday.
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