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Just signed up

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Found the site on google , glad to be here. Happy Thanksgiving to all , my bird went on at 3am , 11 hr brine about 8hrs of smokin . I use a vertical gas smoker my kids got me from Cabelas. Favorite woods , whatever is burning, I use alot of apple , cherry , peach , alder , and the other usual suspects. Mostly smoke ribs , chickin and pork butts at least 3 times a month. Look forward to reading about your ideas and success. Thanks Frank
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Welcome, Welcome!

Glad you found us. Isn't google great?

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Welcome to SMF Frank!!! I hope your bird turned out well.
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Re: Just signed up

Welcome to SMF. Don't forget to post a pic for us to drool over.
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Nice to have you along, Frank. Looks like you've got some smoking experience. You'll find lots of great smoking ideas here that will add to your smoking fun. Feel free to share your ideas with us too.

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Thanks to everyone for the comments. The bird was real good , used peach wood with peach nectar in the water bowl. Very mild flavor.
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Re: Just signed up

Glad you're here Frank. Hope Thanksgiving was great for you! Sounds like the bird was good. Enjoy!
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