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GOSM Availability

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For those of you who have an interest, I spotted new wide block GOSMs in the Bass Pro store in Atlanta yesterday. They are priced at $189.
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Can we get a pic of a GOSM somewhere please. They seem to be popular in some areas.
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Re: GOSM Availability

Here ya go-- Inside first

This is outside w/ the tank. If you click it will show up, it just doesn't show a thumbnail image because it's shrunk for an avatar I think.

You can also get some more details on the Big Block here: Epod2000
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Thanks Chad, From your efforts it appears one hell ova like a smaller version of my "Smokerator" made from a refrigerator. Imagine you can remove shelves for laeger pieces like butts and loins etc. too. Will see how I go with this next loin and will try to get a pic of my 'machine' in action. Thanks again.
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You are correct on the shelves being removeable dr good. It comes with 4 shelves and has slots to accept 5.

You need to get us a pic of that "Smokerator" so we can see how you fellas do it down under.
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