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Re: 1st. Buckboard

That looks darn tasty there Cajun_1! I can see that up against two sunnysides! wink.gif
Larry, you mean to tell me, you’ve never had an Egg McMuffin? How far back in those trees are you? :shock:

Real Canadian bacon (pea meal) isn’t smoked. It tastes like a pork chop. What we get in the states is however, thus that hammy taste. Plus you don’t have to smoke it at low temperatures like pork belly. I smoke mine (twice a month) at between 220° and 240°, til it reaches 145° for frying or 160° for slicing. Even I can’t screw it up! :roll:
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Re: 1st. Buckboard

Doing this Buckboard is a fun project. Wish I could find some pork belly locally, I'd like to try some of Dac's bacon. Hope to do a ham this holiday season.
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Re: 1st. Buckboard

Find a butcher that smokes and you’ll find single pork bellies, that’s what I did. wink.gif
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cajun_1, Canadian Bacon is make from the Pork loin.

Regular Bacon is made from the Pork belly.

Buckbaoard Bacon is made from Pork Shoulder Butt
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Thanks Dutch...
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