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Split turkey?

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Wondering if anyone has done a split turkey, where you cut the back bone out and spread it out on smoker. Looks aren't important 'cause I'll be cutting the breast and leg off and freezing, then taking it 5 hrs to turkey day to eat and watch football(I hope).

Just wondering if it is a bad idea, if no objections then I'm gonna try it.

BTW, HOW ABOUT THOSE KANSAS STATE WILDCATS!!! GOTTA LOVE IT!!! I'll make sure you guys don't forget what happened. :lol:
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Al, spatchcocking (splitting or removing the backbone from the bird) makes a nice presentation. It's also a great way to do a whole bird because it's easier to carve and doesn't take as long to cook.
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Re: Split turkey?

Wouldn't this also be the way to smoke larger birds as well (the 30 pounders some people talk about)? Or even splitting the breast from the thigh end ?
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Keuh, The nice thing about cutting the thigh/legs from the breast is that you can pull thing off the smoker wien they reach your target temps. Sometimes that's the best way to handle the larger sized birds.
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At the risk of sounding less than informed (newbie), if I cut a 24 pound bird in half am I looking at 6.6 hours or 13 hours?
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Re: Split turkey?

I am curious as well.. I'm planning to toss two 12 lb birds in the smoker and need to get an idea on the time. Am I crazy to do this without splitting? Does anyone have instructions on splitting/quartering them since I didn't have a butcher to do it?

Chris Green
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Go to the above link and they show how to do it
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Would you put that skin up or down in the smoker? How much of an effect on cooking time are we talking about here? Half?

Chris Green
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no input on the time reduction?
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Re: Split turkey?

Someone has to know the answer!
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i hope so.. my birds are almost thawed and I have no clue how much time i need lol.

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If a 12 pound bird needs 6.5 hours, a split 24 pound bird should not be much different..........I HOPE!
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i just peeled the breast off a 20#er and brined and trussed it back together just put on the smoker. i'll put the legs and wings on later
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