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I am going to do a brisket for the Friday meal after turkey day - problem is we are going out of town for turkey day and won't have my smoker. What is the best way to preserve brisket after it being smoked? My original plan is to smoke it Saturday night to Sunday and then freezing it right away for Friday, thaw on Thursday night and either grill or oven to warm it up....any other ideas, or is this a bad idea?

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Re: Brisket

Freezing is fine but do it in zip-lock bags
to reheat put the bags in hot water (partially opened above the water line)
I am afraid the grill or oven will dry things out too much
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If you have a foodsaver, that is also a good way. Seal in the bag and reheat in hot water.

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Geigs, do you have a roaster? I bought a big 17qt at wal-mart for $30, has come in handy. What I like to do is smoke my brisket in a big foil pan after temp gets to 160-170* and cover with foil. Then I slice the flat, put it in a container and pour the juice back over the top of the slices and then freeze. Then warm it up in the roaster or small portions I warm up in microwave making sure I have some fat chunks(juice) to keep it moist.

Just my $.02, keep the change.
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