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Re: Grinder & Stuffer

Cajun,you can use regular cooking spray to lube your equipment since its food grade oil but the silicone is best although it is a little expensive.
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Have it sprayed with Pam at the present moment. Will find something else here soon. Don't use it very often, but don't need it ruined from neglect.
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Using a spray like Pam is fine for a lube during use...but for a storage use, I would strongly recommend, either the mineral oil or the silicone spray...because once any vegetable type oil is exposed to the will start to turn rancid on you...and create some unpleasant odors..and I'm sure you wouldn't want that..

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Richard... Thanks for the warning, going to check it this very moment.
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cajun, you should be able to find food grade lubricants at a food service supply company. Check the Yellow Pages. Check the Butcher Supply or Restaurant Supply sections.
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Dutch..think there's a place like that locally. Thanks for the hint.
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Here is a link to Cabelas..they have a maint. kit for their grinders that have silicone grease and spray in it.....another place to try is a medical supply store..if ya gots one...
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Thanks vukcan...just what I was looking for..brushes,ect. Has been ordered.
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Glad I could help...

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hello everyone, just got off youtube. and i stumbled across the whole homemade sausages. NEVER thought of looking on please dont kill me,lol. i was wondering, could someone recommened a good "started kit" for making sausage? meaning a decent grinder and stuffer. dont want to spend to much,being ... thanks in advance..

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This is what I use, 1 can has lasted me more than a year, not that expensive and protects all my equipment:


Haynes Spray


Lots of good stuff at Butcher Packer at about the best prices too.  Yes, there is the shipping, but you don't have to drive anywhere either.


Enjoy your new hobby, you can do wonders with that equipment.  I started out with a KitchenAid grinder and no stuffer, eventually got a 1 hp. Cabelas grinder and a 15lb. stuffer from Northern Tool and sometimes those aren't big enough when making brats or polish for me and the boys in the summer, lol!




my first batch of sausage at home:



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thanks Pops, for the reply... i keep noticing # 10,#12,#22 and #32. what does this mean? i think i want a Manually operated  grinder. found this grinder 


dont think thats to bad of a price.

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The #s 10, 12 ,22 etc refer to the size of the grinder plates and knifes. the larger the number, the larger the grinder. BTW how big are your biceps? You'll need them with a hand grinder.

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