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Drying peppers

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Wondering if anyone has used a smoker as a dehydrator - I have a bunch of hot peppers I would like to dry and therefore preserve for the winter

any ideas? (I assume it would be a "dry" smoke with no water pan)
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Re: Drying peppers

Hiya, I haven't acually dried them in the smoker but I have smoked them and then placed them in my kitchen oven to dry them out after being smoked..

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Hello Geigs -

I am new to smoking but I would think unless you happen to be smoking anyway, or want to add a smoky flavor, it wouldn't be cost effective to dehydrate veggies in a smoker.

An warm oven works great. If your household oven doesn't go down to about 110 degrees F just stick a 60 - 100 watt ligh bulb in there or you can build a dehydrator box and use a fine sanitized screen to hold the items and the light bulb for the heat source.

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