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Well I did it.

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I bought the 24" GOSM in black, doin the break in now. I'll be doin ABT's, a fattie or two, and couple of cornish game hens on Sunday for the inaguaral cook. Thanks for all the advice and help deciding which to buy (I read almost every post related to the GOSM :) )

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May your days be smoke filled and happy.


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Congrats on the new smoker Stars, I hope you enjoy it!!!
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Did the same...Enjoy mine very much...Good Luck & Keep On Smokin.....
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Your'e in for a lot of good smokes. Congratulations!!
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Congrats, KE-
I was going to ask you to post a pic or two of your new baby, but decided againts it when I realized that I could just look out the kitchen window and admire my own GOSM baby!! :mrgreen:
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