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i have a 4" smoke stack on mine. i think 2" is too small.
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YES!!! Too small for sure. I had a 2 inch pipe on mine originally and had to crack the right door open a bit to get good air flow. I now have a 4 inch pipe and a 6 inch probably wouldn't hurt, but I'm going to stay with the 4. Also make sure the passage from the fire box to the cook chamber is big enough. I had a 3 inch hole and have since enlarged it to 8 inches. No problems with flow now.
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Bigger chimney

I wish I was a better welder, cutting the old one off and installing a larger one my be more than I am up to....whew!PDT_Armataz_01_03.gif
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Maybe you could add a second one?

Hot smoker with dual exaust - VRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRROOOOM! icon_smile.gif
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Question for the builders here.

Okay everyone, is it possible to build a smoker with bolts and high heat gaskets? I will get it welded in time, but I want to build one and use it till that time.
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Yes. I wouldn't worry about gaskets unless you have pretty big gaps in things or your doors don't fit good.
What kind of smoker do you want to build?
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My build

I know that I'm building a fridge smoker. But I want to build a big offset. Maybe a reverse flow setup.
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Almost anything is posible. Nuts and bolts worked fine before welders!
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i have a few bolts in mine. i used stainless steel bolts, flat washers, lock washers, and nuts in mine.
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Cool. I don't want to get started to find out its not going to work after its built. I fugure all I need to do is keep it tight to prevent excessive heat loss.
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i built mine out of a 55-gallon drum. that is the food chamber. i bought a side firebox from lowe's (the one for the char-griller), and made a cover for the hole that is in it to connect to the char-griller grill it was made for. i welded (2) 3" diameter x 4" long pipes to it, and cut out inside them. then they were welded to the end of the drum, and cut out inside them again. then the firebox was welded to the bracing for it coming off the legs of the smoker. the legs are bolted to the drum. i used 4" diameter vent ducting for my smokestack. i used a 90° elbow coming out of the smoker, then a 24" piece of duct, topped with a rain shanty. when the wind id acting right (eg. not changing direction every 5 seconds) i pull off the shanty and put on another 90° elbow, turning it away from the wind, so it has a vacuum effect on it. i have added insulation to the drum, on the side opposite the door, and both ends. that helped alot in temp control, and charcoal & wood useage.
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I wouldn't bother with a reverse flow myself. Not that I'm an expert or anything, but I just see absolutely no advantage to it. I do look at a lot of pits these days and even the Q-joints and pro's aren't using that set-up. To me, they'd use the best in a food for money situation. Especially if they expect to get their dollars worth.
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Is it the reverse flow that you don't suggest. I like to set out and tend the fire, so I definitely like the offset. I'll have a fridge for the lazy days. I have an ECB already, but want a home built.
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It's just my opinion. But I think a standard horizontal with offset is sufficient.
If you go big, you'll have to add tuning plates for even heat and smoke distribution. But once you figure them out, it's no big deal.
Try this website for a great article on how to build a nice stick burner. Most of it's overkill, but you get a good idea of what to do. And his welding and cutting instruction is excellent.
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I wondered about that myself. I envisioned something to do with air flow like a pipe organ. Wrong kind of tuning I guess. icon_biggrin.gif
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I would like to revisit this thread when I can speak more authoritativley. Nahunta here I come!!! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Well, I made some real progress on this thing last weekend. Got all my grinding done. I hate grinding. Got ready to drill some holes in my inner door to plug weld to the outer door, and the gears in the ole drill stripped out. So all I have left is to finish is the doors and vents and it's ready to weld onto the smoke chamber. Plan on pics next weekend.
I promised my brother, who returned home on leave from prison guard duty in Camp Bucca Iraq, that I would smoke all his favorites next weekend. Can't let my baby brother down.
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Sounds like your making grea progress Tom! To bad about the drill but I guess you'll just have to head for the hardware store (whoopee! PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif ).

Nope can't let done the little brother! Tell him we're all proud of him!

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Getting close!!!!! Doors are done!
All I have left is, vents, latches, log grate, firebox damper, paint, and welding to the smoke chamber.
Will post pics Sunday evening.
I'm so stoked about getting this thing up and running.
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Tom, just get it functional and tuned in before June. Don't worry about the paint, we are not worried about the looks of the unit, but the Quality of the product you produce. Appearance is nice, but not a must. Just make us some excellent "Q".
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