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New from Missouri

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My name is Jay from Columbia Mo. I am a Pit Builder and own Spicewine Ironworks. I cook on the KCBS BBQ circuit under the name of Team Q. We have won 2 Grand Championships for the 2007 season and will be going to the Royal and the GAB this comming season. Hope to meet some of you on the road this year!!

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Re: New from Missouri

yo spice,
im glad to meet you.

im a missouri boy also.
our state has many members on this forum.
i'll be watching "for team q".

is that a "old style" with the bud and the squirrel??
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Re: New from Missouri

You saw which one he chose didn't you!! :D
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Don't I know you from somewhere? Good to see you here Jay.
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Re: New from Missouri

I guess that's what they call "Squirrely" choosing Bud over Old Style. :roll:

Welcome to SMF. Hope to learn a lot from you. 8)
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Ya, I know I've seen that squirrel somwhere. I mean the one with the beer. wink.gif

Welcome to SMF Jay!!!
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Hey Jay, nice to see you again. I have not been all that active lately, but still pop on every now and then.
Good to hear team Q is doing so well. Hope you have continued success.
Glad to hear everything is going well. Welcome, and good to hear you are still cooking, Wish I could
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Hey Jay, glad to see that your still with us-haven't seen you on the board in a while.
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Re: New from Missouri

Been busy building cookers. Got behind in January and never got caught up. Had a great year to say the least.

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