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Re: Buckboard Bacon

I want to try this, but I probably need to figure out a way to convince the wifey I need a slicer. Every time I bring it up, I get the look. I'm sure you all know the look I 'm talking about.
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Re: Buckboard Bacon

I’m guessin’ it’s not the gaze of adoration :twisted: LOL!
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Re: Buckboard Bacon

Went to Sportsman's Warehouse today and found Buckboard Bacon Cure. Now have to get Butt this week. Think I've seen boneless butt somewhere local, just can't remember which store. Was it hard to cut the bone out ?
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Re: Buckboard Bacon

If you have a local butcher shop, they will bone it out for you when you buy it. Some grocery stores still have real butchers and they will also. Unfortunately most are just meat counter stockers now. I ususally get the butts, ribs and flats at Sam's. When I need the really good stuff, I go to my butcher. He has wonderful steaks.
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Cajun 1,
It's really not hard to bone out the butt. The High Mountain box has complete directions, with illustrations, in the box. With a sharp boning knife, just cut around the bone staying as close as as you can to the bone. You can feel the depth and freedom of the bone as you go. It's not hard. Good luck!!
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Thanks Guys.
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Was in Riverton, Wy. this week. 2 blocks from Hi Mountain, but didn't get the chance to stop in. There will be other times. Anyway, cajunsmoker said 1TBSP & 1 1/4 tps per #. Picked up a 3# butt yesterday from the local market. (slim pickings for some reason). Gonna rub it today, was wondering... would it be ok to Food Saver this peice of meat after rubbed?
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It is also easy to bone out after the smoking and then you have the bacon bones for your pea 'n ham soup. Otherwise just smoke the bones along with your butt. Bit of meat left on after boning out is not lost in the soup.

Can you help me with "Food Saver" please. Bit behind the times in Ilbilbie hillbilly country.

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Food Saver is a vaccuming packaging system. Put meat in special bag, and machine vaccums all the air from the bag.
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Yes you can do it up in the food saver.. right now I have 10#s of pork loin curing ...should be ready for tomorrow...but am going to let it go till the weekend...the 1 tbsp plus 1 1/4 tsp of cure /lb is correct...when I did mine.. the cure started the juices flowing quickly so I had to stop the vacuum before it sucked out all the juices...

Dr good.. here is a link to the food saver..


Hope this helps ya

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Thanks vulcan for the heads up on the juices..will keep my eyes open. This is my first try,so here goes...
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Thanks you blokes. We call that cryovac here but that might just be a trade name. Vacuum packing adds zeons to the life of the product. A few European ones on the market here but a lot of them require thier own brand name bags. Bit expensive but do a great job.
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About the same situation here in the states dr good. But sure works good for prolonging food in the fridge and freezer.
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Re: Buckboard Bacon

hello hello,
i just got finished rubbing the buck board bacon cure on the butt.
it was 6lb 6 oz before boning.

boning was not very hard as directions was in the box from hi mountain.
they had several pictures with the explanation.
so dont be apprehensive at all.

i had already measured .
per hi mountain how much per lb.

i put out for 6 lbs.
by the time i was finished boneing and trimming fat[very liberally]
i had about 5 lbs meat.

i dont think the extra lb worth of cure will hurt anything.

10 days and counting
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Same here larry...it's been rubbed and in the fridge..Countdown is on...
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Dr. Good,
Send me a "private message" and I'll hook you up with some hight mountain buck board bacon cure..... guaranteed.
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Re: Buckboard Bacon

Would it hurt if the cure stayed on longer that 10 days? Unfortunately, my 10 day period will end on a weekday. Due to work, smoking won't happen on that day. Would a few days more hurt anything?
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Re: Buckboard Bacon

I went 2 weeks on one for the same reason. It came out fine.
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Thanks Rodger, Didn't think about the days when I put the cure on. Did you even your days out when you turned it tobe done on a smokin day?
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Re: Buckboard Bacon

No, I flipped it after 5 days and then realized that I was off schedule. I was into that far, so I said what the heck and just let it go until I could get to it. I was looking at some old threads on the Bacon forum and noticed that Dutch said he new someone who let his go two weeks also. I guess we aren't the only ones who forgot to check the calender :oops: .
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