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Brisket pics

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Here is some brisket pics that I didn on Sept 8th....

I am using my new Polder dual probe thermometer.....

mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... why would one end be darker than the other???

Ready to foil.....

right off the grate

just unwrapped, is this what you were waiting on???

ready for the knife...

surgery complete...
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Re: Brisket pics

Oh man, is that a goodlookin brisket!!! Nice smoke ring also..........ok I'm hungry now :D
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Re: Brisket pics

Drooling in Maryland!! ...slurp
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Re: Brisket pics

very nice can't wait to try and smoke one for my self.
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Good lookin' brisket!

How do you like the Polder? I have one of those, and it's nice to get confirmation of the temp inside the smoker without "wasting" a probe just to "take the smoker's temp".

Take care, have fun, and do good.


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Overall I like the Polder... the one thing I don't like abt it is when I do a brisket with it, when I wrap it in foil, I loose the chamber temp..... :cry: :cry: :cry:

I am thinking of another one to add to my collect of thermometers.

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Re: Brisket pics

Now I am puzzled.... you looked at the brisket, but did you notice how dark one side was, and do you know what I did to make it that way?????

It was an experiment.....

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Nice looking brisket, Bill.

That happens when using an off-set smoker.. If you turn the brisket 180* every couple of hours or so, you'll have a more even cook without having to worry about one end constantly on the side closest to the firebox drying out.

You may want to check out the Mavrick ET-73 thermometer. It has a probe for the chamber temp. and one for the meat internal temp. It's one I and several others here use.
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Hey Dutch,

Thanks for the reply... but, turning the brisket was not the problem.... it was on purpose... an experiement..... I added some instant coffee to the "dark" end as a taste test.... I had read that it is pretty popular in Texas as it makes a bolder taste.... Not too bad, it took away some of the sweet taste from the Turbindad sugar in my rub....

BTW, don't let anyone else read the above explanantion, as they haven't guessed yet..... :lol: :lol: :lol:

Yes, I have an ET-73, with lots of problems.... but I think we finally have them worked out. I was on the phone off and on with Maverick for abt 4 hrs the other day. After not answering my emails, I was starting to get really ticked off with them. So I called....

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Great looking summer you got there.

Thanks for sharing
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