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To sear or not to sear, that is the question. - Page 2

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I have a question though...if it's covered in foil, then is there really any need to "smoke" it?

can't i just keep the temp at 200-250 with my hardwood charcoal and not worry about adding hickory chunks to keep the smoke up? I really don't see any reason to waste my chunks of hickory if the meat is covered.

does that make any sense?
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If I smoke late at night, after I foil I will even sometimes put it in the oven. We keep the windows open at night upstairs with a fan on and the smoke just fills the room. Your just tenderizing anyway...right?
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I often transfer meat to the oven when I do a late smoke. Once it's wrapped it's not getting smoke anyway and the little beeper will wake me up when it's done.
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I'm plugging my ears through all this. PDT_Armataz_01_20.gifPDT_Armataz_01_12.gifPDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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I'm just wondering how well the smoke penetrates after searing???
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Ok, I'll bite. In the morning/afternoon I'm going to sear and smoke a tri tip, I usually grill this type of cut. May the smoke be with me...
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If you re-read the article it says to put in a foil pan and smoke for 2 hrs fat side up, then flip and smoke for another hour fat side down (note that you don't cover the brisket at this point). During that time is when you are penetrating the meat with the smoke. It does work very well... I guess the only thing to do is just give it a go per instructions and see what you think.. you can always go back to your other way of doing brisket if you don't think it is worth the effort.

Keep Smokin
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Doing a brisket Sat, and will try sear. And THIS time I'll take some pix..

"We're talking about great blazes of beef fat and mesqite or hickory. We sear until the exterior is completely black."

Should make for some interesting photography, if nothing else...heh.
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I tried this method with the last brisket I did... it was the best brisket I'd ever done or tasted! I'm doing another one this Saturday... PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

Stay tuned...
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sorry...I meant at the point when it is covered in foil icon_wink.gif

I think I'll just throw it in the oven after the first 3 hours...this way my smoker will have more room to load some other things icon_mrgreen.gif
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Richtee, maybe you did not see my pictures. This was my first packer. I was a little nervous about the whole process, but can't wait to do it again.

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I'm now a confirmed searer. Not only good, but plain ole fun too. Shoulda seen the bro's expression with that 143,000 BTU producing brisket just flaming away...hahahaha..priceless!
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Anybody on the West Coast know where to get a large packer? The only one's I find are flat
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Looks very good. I'm going to have to try that.
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So after several have tried the searing method, I feel maybe the question should be asked again... When it comes to brisket... should you sear or not?

I say 'Holy Blazin Brisket Batman... Sear the Brisket!'
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I'm a confirmed searer, ain't goin' back. Blacken that hunk 'o meat!
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I posted this on a different thread but it should have been here.

After hours of research last week I set out to try my hand at a brisket using SmokyOkie's method of searing over a hot lump charcoal fire then smoking it in a pan for 2 hours fat side up and another fat side down, then foiling and letting it go at 240F until done. I lubed up a 12 pounder with yellow mustard and applied a thick coat of Jeff's rub the day before smoking. It was the first time I've used Jeff's rub by the way. I cremated the brisket until black and slid it in the smoker using post oak and pecan for the fire.

I got sidetracked at that point working on a Boston butt I was also doing for pulled pork, again with Jeff's rub, so the brisket ended up going for about 3 hours on each side in good smoke. It was getting late and I figured that being in foil it wouldn't matter if I left it in the smoker or (OK now the purists out there can nail me up for this) put it in my fancy $2,500.00 oven at 200F, which I did. Both the brisket and the butt stayed in the oven over night and the next day I opened the foil and drained off the juices to separate them. I removed the fat layer and added some of it to a pot of beans, the clean juice I saved to pour back over the sliced brisket.

Getting that sucker out of the pan without it falling apart was a chore! But it seamed like a good sign that it could be that tender. I spent some time making the finishing sauce for the pulled pork. Sliced the brisket poured the juice over it and put both the brisket and the butt back in the oven to work on the beans and cornbread. That afternoon I had 11 guests over for supper and apart from a couple of bites to taste the brisket and pork I didn't even get a plate! That thing was gone in 20 minutes and everyone raved about it. I have to say that wast the most tender best tasting brisket I have ever had! My hats off to SmokyOkie for teaching me this trick.

While I meant to get a few pictures it just didn't happen, and it disappeared so fast there really wasn't much of a chance to take any anyway. The wife is sort of mad at me for spending all weekend cooking but hell it was raining anyway. I think it was well worth it and a culinary feat I will definitely be repeating. If y'all haven't tried setting a brisket on fire, well you should, you'll love the results!

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Glad to be of service Jim.

I've never tried the mustard thing, I've never been big on mustard and beef together. Did the mustard get in the way of the sear?, I mean was it the mustard that got seared, or the meat? I usually just ise a good rub, wrap tightly in plastic and refrigerate overnight.
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So how do you know when it is 'black' enough? Approximately how long does it take to sear? Sorry, if I see a little ignorant of the process, but before I commit to this method, I have to get my head around it.
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Take a look at the pics from SmokyOkie's Christening party for Lucille (the smoker). You will see the pics of searing toward the end pgs. 4, 5, & 6.

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