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What do you wanna pull???

Poll Results: Which cut do you prefer for pulled pork?

  • 80% (150)
    Pork Butt
  • 5% (11)
    Pork Picnic Shoulder
  • 13% (25)
    Don't have a preference
186 Total Votes  
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I just thought it would be interesting to see what everybody prefered for their pulled pork. This assuming equal price, equal accessibility, all things equal, just which cut you like.

I am a butt man myself. :shock: 8)
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Re: What do you wanna pull???

I see we picked up a vote for the shoulder. Since it is the one I don't use hardly at all I would like to know what about it you prefer. Not looking to knock your choice, just gain knowledge from your experience!!!
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Chad, I haven't voted on your poll yet, but I'm going to post this as a sticky topic for a week; that way it won't get buried in the other topic threads.
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Dang it!! Since I edited your original post, Chad it won't let me vote. But I perfer a butt to a picnic shoulder but I have done both-some times during the same smoke session.
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Re: What do you wanna pull???

Why thank you Dutch!! I kinda figured the ol butt would pull out ahead in the poll but I have been surprised by how much so far.

I would still like to hear why you prefer the picnic shoulder if you do.
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Re: What do you wanna pull???

I guess you could say I'm a butt man. The fat content and structure of muscle fiber lend themselves to a better end product IMHO. Picnic's tighter, leaner meat lends itself well to slicing when cooked to well done as opposed "cooked till broken down" like a good pulled butt.

that's our $0.02 worth, and doggone it Dutch, I wanted to vote!
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Chad, If I'm going to pull the meat I'll use the butt and if slicing I'll go with the picnic for the same reasons that Dickey mentioned, that and whichever one is on sale. :P

Dickey, I'll see what tweeking I can do to the orginal post.
Okay, it working. Vote away!!
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:D Kudos Dutch :!: and once again, great minds work alike.
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Either works for me, I can't find a Shoulder to save my Butt nowadays.icon_mrgreen.gif I've been pulling Loins lately with great success. Smoke On. PDT_Armataz_01_42.gif
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Is Butts for me too. Just like them better
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I would love to pull the rug out from under the Yankees, redsox, tampa and the jays, then maybe my O's could find a way to win the AL east.icon_mrgreen.gif
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My Dad was a breast man, but my brother & I have always favored a nice leg & butt best.icon_redface.gif

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Gotta go with the butt myself(like the fat content), but they are both delicious when done proprerly.
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a rabbit out of my hat icon_wink.gif
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I like them both but the difference in flavor of a picnic edges out a butt for me.
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I go with a boston butt any chance I get. in the 8-10 lb range.
if one is not available, i have done shoulders and picnics that were almost as good. Getting ready to put a boston butt on early tomorrow morning! cant wait!
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My first butt is warming up as we speak. Never done either one so I can not vote.
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