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Roll call for bentleyua

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I am smoking a pork butt this weekend for the OU/Texas game, and I want to throw in some hot links towad the end of the smoke. How long should I smoke the hot link.
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Roll call for bentleyua

I think I broke decorum when I made my first posting this morning without introducing myself. My name is Nick and I live in Oklahoma City. I have always enjoyed cooking out on the grill and am pretty good at it, but just started smoking. I am currently using an electric smoker (I know, not a purist) that I commandeered from my neighbor who wasn't using it. It is a Cookshack, and I pay him back by inviting him over for whatever Q that I make. I have already accessorized it, so there is a good chance he will never get it back!!! I have been pouring over this website for the last couple of weeks and have gathered alot of very useful info. So, thanks to Jeff and all of you guys for your useful info and suggestions. I look forward to your suggestions and experimenting a little myself. Hopefully someday, I will be able to contribute something that I have learned and pay you guys back.

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Nick, Welcome to SMF. If your Cookshack runs at about 220-250 degrees, you should probably put them in the smoker about 90 minutes before you think that the butt will be done. After 45 minutes, flip them over. Check them with a ready-read thermomoeter and when they are at 160 degrees, they are good to go! If you wrap your butt in old towels and place it into a cooler for a couple of hours, put your links into the smoker when you take the butt out. That's my $.02, you mileage may vary! :D
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Re: Roll call for bentleyua

yo bentley
im glad to meet you.
if your around here awhile,
you will find .
that dutch is usually right on the money.

if you become like me ,
look for what he has to say--then try it.
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Welcome Nick!

Glad you are here. Don't hesitate to ask questions. The friendly folks here at SMF will be glad to make answer. I'd go with Dutch's advice on the hot links.

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Re: Roll call for bentleyua

Nick, it looks like you already have A #1 info on your sausages so I will just say welcome to SMF. I look forward to your participation.
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Re: Roll call for bentleyua

Hiya, Nick!

Welcome aboard and happy to have your here! Looks like you already have a great start in the art! Keep up the effort. And there is no pay back here! The entire site benefits from your participation. So share with us the good and the not so good and hang in there with us as we grow with more new members like yourself!

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Re: Roll call for bentleyua

Glad you're here Nick! Welcome. Good luck on that smoke today, good luck to OU! Have fun!!
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