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John Morrell spares

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For the last few years, I have been usingonly John Morrell "premium trim" spares. We like them bcause they're always meaty, and if you pick and choose you can always find 3 1/2 and downs. On the smaller slabs, cutting through the brisket bone is a cinch.

We have alot of trouble finding spares of this caliber under any other brand. What we don't like is the usual $2.50/lb.. From time to time Albertson's will have them as a sub for the on sale cheap ribs, and we stock up @ $1.29 or so.

Anybody else got tips on where or what brand for good lean 3 1/2 and down spares?
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I always look for the same things you mentioned along with non-solution added. Any brand that supplies those qualities I would try it.
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Re: John Morrell spares

:D :D :D :D I must be on the right track if I'm looking for the same qualities as the inventor of the famous "Minion Method" :!:
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There are only 3-4 major pork processors left in the U.S..

John Morrell
Tyson( ibp)

Being A Meat Professional by trade.....Morrell is one of the best producers for quality products

These four companies may package product under various labels.

John Morrell is also Tobins
Tyson is also IBP

just to name a few. The only thing you can do is look at the various rib packages in your area and see if they compare to morrell "supertrim"

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Re: John Morrell spares


Since you're a meat professional, in another thread, there was talk of "flat bone ribs". this is a term I'm not familiar with. Do you know, and can you explain what they are?
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They say pictures are worth 1000 words...Check out this link.


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While digging deep trying to find the Minion Method I ran across this link.
TALK about ALL YOU WANT TO KNOW about Types and Cuts of Ribs etc.
Check out the link in Tsulcoski's Thread here.
Thought some of you might like to see this for the first time or be reminded of it.
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Thanks TH

I've looked around for it here before.
Probably should have searched the web.
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