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Hi, My name is Dick.
I have decided to try smoking as a couple of friends swear by it. I have had some of there meats as well and they are great. I want to try and get into this smoking thing. I went out and purchased a gas smoker from walmart on clearance for $50.00. hopefully it will work!
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Re: Newby

Welcome to SMF Dick!! Now you've got a really big group of friends to help get you addicted to smoking. It sounds like you probably got a pretty good end of summer buy on your first smoker. What smoker did you get? Whatever it is you can probably find some good info about it in the propane smoker section.

Also, you should consider signing up for the TulsaJeff's 5-day eCourse to give you a jump on all the things you need to know.
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Glad you are here. If you have questions, ask. The friendly folks here at SMF will make answer.

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Here is a link to my chicken "how to":

For some reason the main site is down today. But check out the links in the thread when the host site is back up. There is also 3.2.1 ribs info.

I have the same smoker from Wallymart.
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Welcome to SMF, Dick!! We're glad to have you here. Kick back grab a cold one and take a look at the different forums and the threads therein. Ought to be something here that grabs your intrests and makes you say "I gotta try that!" :D
Oh yeah, if you haven't noticed, there is some Food Porn on this site and the only warning that I can give you is to not look at the pictures if you are hungry. It will cause you to drool on your key board, sniff and/or lick your monitor and maybe even try to take a bite out of your screen or keyboard.

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Re: Newby

Welcome to the forum Dick. Pull up a chair and get ready to live! Lots to learn and smoke 'round here, so much it'll make your head spin. Glad you're here!
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