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Re: Temp

I'm familiar w the egg, but not the others. The payload on the egg seems too small for most of my purposes. Are the other two bigger? or am I maybe missing something about the egg?
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The Kamado is the same size as the BGE large aprox 280 square inches of grate space.
The Primo Oval has more grate space on the main grate plus has another level that gives you a total of 680 sq inches. I cook more often on these units grilling for the family during the week.

If I'm cooking for a catering or a large group I use the Traeger mobile unit or the Klose trailer unit (30" X 72" with upright).

Still cook on the WSMs quite often just because I like cooking on them. Also have a Klose Fajita grill that I use if I'm doing a large grilling event.

It's nice to have a choice of cookers, they all have a strong points that make them the cooker of choice base on the cook you are looking at.
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Re: Temp

:shock: :lol: Boy , if you die before I do, I want to be around for your estate auction. I've got several choices, but nowhere near what you do.

You say Primos is the big ceramic? do you have a link to their website?

I'm thinking I've seen something on the Klose units. are they woodburners?

I'd like to try some of your handywork on that Traeger sometime. My experiences w/ pellet cookers have been less than satisfactory, and I don't think you'd allow unsatisfactory Q.
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Re: Temp

primo grill site http://www.primogrill.com/

Klose's site http://www.bbqpits.com/

Pellet cookers work just fine, you do have start out slow to get smoke on the food but once you have the techniques down they do a good job.
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Re: Temp

Mr. Minion... Sorry for the late response, work called and a trip to Wyoming was necessary. Thanks for the posts on the subject and the links. I look forward to viewing the links.
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Dutch & Mr. Minion, Thank You for your input on this subject. Very informative.
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Both JMinion and Dutch are right when it comes to smoking sausage..... You want to start your tempature out low and bring it up to 200-250 over a few hours, so that the internal temp of your sausage reaches 170 degrees ( USE A MEAT THERMOMETER). When you bring your temp up slowly it also helps to keep a natural casing more tender and gives your product more time in the "smoke"
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