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Sirloin Roast

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Rubbed down with spicy mustard, sprayed with apple juice, pecan and cherry smoke.

Pulled at 142.

Didn't let it rest long enough, too much juice ran out when I sliced it. I need to learn to start sooner, my wife is the impatient type :roll:

Still good stuff though :D

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Re: Sirloin Roast

That’s what I’m talkin about! Wow! Looking Good Doug!
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That roast sure looks good...done to perfection...now as far as all the juice...hope you saved it and made a nice AU JUS with it...gettin me hungry all over again...

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Good lookin' food.

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Your just lucky your wife will eat it. Mine won't eat anything less than well done. So I haven't tried to smoke a roast yet.
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Doug, How long did you let the roast rest before slicing it? If you had a lot of juice runout, it could have been because the roast didn't rest long enough.

Does look good though!
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10 minutes. I usually wait at least 30. People were hungry and that was that :D

I need to start sooner so I don't have to worry about when it is done anymore. Plus I think every time I buy something to smoke now, I'm always buying bigger and bigger cuts. Next time I'm going to get something smaller and start early. Might be my imagination, but I think the smaller cuts used to turn out better also.
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