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Hello all nice to meet you. My name is Jeremy and Im still pretty new to the smoking life! Go Bears by the way. I use a Lil Smoker I found at a yard sale. So far I have done a few pork butts and chicken wings and loved it. Can't wait to get a real smoker to use. I think it would be much easier. But I figured start from the bottom and work my way up, and I would figure it out along the way step by step.
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Welcome Jeremy,

Glad you are here.

This is the place to learn. One good way would be to take Jeff's 5-day e-course on smoking basics. If you have questions, the friendly folks here will make answer. Use the search function and browse the forums.

Take care, have fun, and do good.


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Re: Hello

Welcome to SMF Jeremy!!! Since your just getting started smoking I'd like to second the 5-day eCourse. Lot's of good knowledge you can start off with instead of learning the hard way a little here and there. Kind of a crash course to jump start ya. wink.gif
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Welcome, J-Check out the Electric Smoker forum. Several members use an electric and they produce some great results. But you got to start somewhere! Check through the forums and see what others have done. With time and practice you too can produce some great stuff.

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Re: Hello

Glad you're here Jbomb. Any thoughts on when or what type of smoker you may opt for. Ask for advise/reviews before you buy. Everyone has their thoughts on smokers 'round here. Lots of good stuff to be had though! Welcome!
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Re: Hello

Im not for sure what Im gonna get. I really dont want to spend to much but also would rather spend a little to get some of quality. Ive noticed with the LIL Smoker I got basicly a smaller more generic bullet. I can't really have the control of the heat llike I would like. It seems like the smokers with the side mount for wood and charcoal seems kind of Ideal but not really for sure.
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