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Re: Bristket Slicing Tips

Hi All -

Slice and ate my pastrami tonight EXCELENT! I was a god example of grain changing direction too. I kow we were dicussing this easrlier somewhere so Buzzard this ones for you (and any one who doesn't understand why we watch meat grain when we slice.

The begining slices were standing up perfectly for a tender juicey bite.
Near in the center of the brisket half meat the grain clearly starts going across the slices (good for floss but bad for sandwiches). A few sliced later and it's really turned into straight grain cuts. I had to start slicing his from the side.

Hope this helps sure was yummy! Second best pastrami I ever ate! The first being in the Kosher section of NYC!

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Quick someone, I need Rye bread!! That pastrami looks wonderful and I'm not even a huge pastrami fan.
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The pastrami looks fantastic...and in the rain as well
Good job...
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Thanks Guys! Now that I know how easy it is to make I'm gonna be making it alot!
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Re: Bristket Slicing Tips

Hey Dutch ,
What was your final cooking temp. to make the brisket nice and sliceable and not falling apart ? I want good sammich meat. Anyones opinion please.

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Skip -

I shoot for 180 degrees internal. Over 200 degrees it's ready for pullin' brisket.
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nice kit Deb !
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Thanks Skip - it's been collecting dust since I started smokin'!

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Re: Bristket Slicing Tips

So has my Les Paul
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Brisket slicing...

So do you cut WITH the grain? I'm sure that's a stupid question, but we're smoking our first in a few hours and I wanna get it as close to right as possible! wink.gif
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No stupid questions, just the one's not asked.

You want to cut across the grain, not with it. Best of luck with your brisket!!
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I always slice against the grain.
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Hope your brisket cutting went well (and across the grain)

Any Pics?
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Sweet Looking

Sweet looking Dutch. Way to go nice q-view making me hungry again.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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just joined the site a few days ago. Just want to say looking good and thanks for the tooth pic idea.
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Of COURSE I cut across grain, but I use an electric knife! That keeps it from falling apart. You could also chill it first.
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Reported as spam!

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Great idea - gotta get on that next time! My slab was just too tender to slice thin - what is the secret?
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Another way is to make a 1/4" cut across the grain near the bottom of the flat (opposite the deckle). While cooking it will expand to a V-type cut, plainly visible after cooking. Just cut parallel to it and you're going across the grain. You can make others further up the flat if the grain changes. Much like scoring a ham for Christmas dinner for that diamond look.
Sometimes, however, it's best not to know.. trial and error will find the grain and you *have* to eat your mistakes!
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Nice explanation debi!
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