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Big hello from Minnesota

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I just wanted to say hello to everyone. I don't have much experience about smoking and bbq but I have studied it a lot. I've been known to produce a pretty nice boston butt once in a while and I worked for a bbq joint for 5 months. My big passion coming up is game processing. I'm taking the middle man out of deer processing this winter and doing it myself. I'm just wondering what sausage mixes people have tried and what worked best for them?
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Grab a seat and a cold one. Ask lots of questions. The friendly folks here will answer all. Please be sure to check out the sausage forum.

Have fun, and do good.


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Re: Big hello from Minnesota

Welcome to SMF. It's always good to eliminate the middle man mac and I'm sure somebody had a good venison sausage recipe around here. I had some wonderful venison sausage made by a locker years back that was sooooo good. Good luck with yours!!!
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Re: Big hello from Minnesota

Welcome to the forum, glad you checked in. You should find everything you need here, if not; ask and you shall receive!
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Re: Big hello from Minnesota

Welcome Mac,

Glad to see you found us. :D Check out the wild game forum and the sausage forum, I'm sure you will find something that strikes your fancy.

Grab a cold one, kick back and explore the SMF 8)
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Re: Big hello from Minnesota

i like high mountain seasonings, i don't know if you have ever heard of BOYDS they have a great seasoning. they are a small locker in washington iowa
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Welcome, Mac. I'll have to go get the recipes my family (all from Minnesota, by the way) used when I was a kid - the sausage was awesome, as I recall.

I've also made the decision to process my own game again, starting this fall, elk and deer cooperating, of course. The guy I use makes an excellent product, but he's quite expensive.

Where in MN are you from? I was born in Little Falls; dad's family farmed near Pierz; mom's family is from Grand Marais.
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Re: Big hello from Minnesota

Welcome to SMF, Mac-you'll find plenty of info like cajunsmoker said in the Wild Game and Sausage Forums. If you're up for more studying, check into tulsajeff's 5-day eCourse, alot of good info in there as well.

See ya in the Forums!!
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Welcome Mac !

There are only a few of us Minnesotans in this forum but it is a wonderful site. Huge amounts of info about everything you want to know about smoking and bbq . I'm also a newbe and I send hrs and hrs at night reading though recipes and how to prepare the different types of food for smoking or ddq, i'ts GREAT site . And the guys and gals will answer all your questions.
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