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My First Fattie

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Here is my first fattie. A JD Maple...Placed in my brinkmann converted smoker for about 2 hours and 15 minutes...pulled it off at a little over 160 degrees. Boy it didn't last long. :lol:

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They are good! I put two in this morning with the pork butt. (Another post and pics later) I had breakfast and lunch from them. The rest will go into some muffin sized mini-quiches (South Beach recipe) that my wife makes. They will be breakfast all week. It's nice to start each day with a bit of smoky goodness.


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Re: My First Fattie

Hi Meowey,

You are right. I got another package for a fattie tomorrow morning. I also just got back from the store...Gonna try another meatloaf tomorrow...what a deal...

Can't get enough........hehe!!!

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Re: My First Fattie

Looks good Steve, also glad to see you got ImageShack up and running. :D
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Hi Rodger,
Yes I finally figured it out...Of course if I don't use it for a few days, I will probably forget which one to copy and paste into my post. go figure...
I just printed out the receipe for the finishing sauce. I am about ready to prepare it for the boston butt...It reached 165 degrees so is foiled now. Waiting to hit the 195 for pulling...Patience is what I need...Man I am glad I found that receipe...
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Looks good, Steve. I just can't do "one" fattie anymore-especailly when I get caught picking in it-then I have to SHARE it!! :D
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Re: My First Fattie

I was so loaded up on ribs I didn't get no fatty today. That just ain't right! :evil:
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